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About Us

It is important to note that the genesis of this company was predicated on the desire and professional passion to improve foot and spinal correction outcomes. Much of the new knowledge we have gained has come from Podiatric as well as Chiropractic Research. Exploring the areas where our professions intersect and overlap has proven to be very productive.

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Accuthotix™ is a company built on a strong, scientific foundation. Our developmental research process included an unbiased examination of both traditional therapies as well as new concepts from both the Podiatric and Chiropractic disciplines. In the incorporated bibliography you will find most of the materials we used in the formation of this company.

Research Summary

There are different schools of thought in the world of orthotics. One of the essential differences between them is how the impression of the foot is captured. One school believes that impression should be taken in full-weight bearing stance. The other believes that casting a mold with the foot in a more neutral or semi-weight bearing position is the proper methodology.

After examination of both impression methodologies, we determined that the neutral and semi-weight bearing impression produced the best orthotic. The full-weight bearing method yielded less information than we wanted to obtain and it failed to reveal the entire nature of most pathologies. Additionally, while the orthotic devices produced by the full-weight bearing method offered some degree of correction, they did not fully or accurately address the entirety of the targeted pathology. Because orthotics that does not fully address pathology act to support that pathology, we concluded their effect on spinal correction outcomes would be not is optimal.

The orthotics made employing the neutral and semi-weight bearing capture method fared much better in our research. The molds created from these impressions offered an opposing force that corrected all attendant pathologies with much greater accuracy. We determined that orthotics made using this methodology would have a much more measurable effect on improving and optimizing spinal correction outcomes.

Further research also revealed that neutral capture orthotics offered the additional benefit of being fully functional in all phases of gait. The full-weight bearing orthotics only controlled function during the mid-stance of gait.

Based on our research, most of which is represented in the accompanying bibliography, Accuthotix™ adopted the neutral and semi-weight bearing capture method for making fully-functional orthotics.


During the course of his information gathering, Dr. Frasco, who has 30 years of clinical experience in prescribing orthotics and founder of Accuthotix, encountered a great deal of confusion and frustration with the often conflicting information and substandard products and services being offered to doctors by various orthotic labs. He also discovered that within the Chiropractic and Podiatric Community, there was a profound lack of information and understanding as to how to properly evaluate the foot, cast the foot properly and prescribe quality orthotics.

As he continued his research, Dr. Frasco moved from lab to lab in search of the type of foot orthotic he believed would have the most positive impact on spinal and foot correction outcomes. Dr. Frasco set out to create an “advisory board” of kinds made up of pedorthist, podiatrists, orthotists and chiropractors.

After several years of gathering data, subsequent meetings where the various professionals exchanged ideas and combined their expertise, Accuthotix™ was created — the first orthotic company whose mission is to educate and assist Doctors of Chiropractic, Podiatrists and Pedorthist in optimizing foot and spinal correction outcomes by using custom molded, fully function orthotics.


In researching the various orthotic products offered to health professionals, Dr. Frasco confirmed what he had suspected — a profound lack of innovation and customization within the entire product category.

One company which has dominated the Chiropractic Orthotic marketplace for decades marketed their products as “custom” orthotics and clearly was not a molded product at all. Dr. Frasco was aware of their obvious benefits, but growingly concerned over their many limitations.

Dr. Frasco then shifted his focus from the world of Chiropractic Orthotics to the world of Podiatric Orthotics. He discovered that the difference between the two was significant. In general, the Podiatric Orthotic labs he researched allowed for much more accurate biomechanical correction than did the most often prescribed Chiropractic Orthotics.

The primary difference between the Chiropractic orthotic products and the Podiatric orthotic lab products was great. While the Chiropractic orthotic was more user friendly and more comfortable for the patient, it lacked the biomechanical control offered by the Podiatric orthotic types. However the Podiatric orthotic tended to be less comfortable to the patient and therefore a higher percentage of patients could not accommodate to the correction and discontinued use of the orthotic after a short while.

In the custom molded product, Dr. Frasco found the characteristics and benefits he had been seeking in a Chiropractic Orthotic. He then teamed up with a company that created orthotics to his specific standards and started Accuthotix™.

All Accuthotix™ orthotics are fabricated with the most advanced materials and CAD/CAM system available, however manufactured finish by hand. Each orthotic is crafted to a patient’s neutral stance foot mold through a sophisticated process; using a five camera 3D scanner called the IQube and the Orthomodel/Orthomill Delcam orthotic software system; we can design and manufacture the most accurate orthotic device that current technology has to offer. Each patient’s age, weight, condition, shoe style and activity is factored into every orthotic we produce.

By combining the use of advanced materials, programs with hand craftsmanship, we believe that we have the highest fabrication and materials standards in the business and support that belief with our 100% satisfaction guarantee on every Accuthotix™ product we offer.

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